The Importance of Imagination in Children 


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Playing make-believe and living the lives of imaginary characters is one the common forms of entertainment for children. They enjoy the process of creating wonderlands around them with the application of their imaginative skills. The potential to think creatively will help them to turn their hands with superpowers and themselves into superheroes. It is so fascinating to watch them pretending their everyday objects as something else and playing for hours using them. Engaging in similar games is one of the common early practices by children all over the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits offered by performing such activities for kids’ development. 

Imaginative plays and other creative activities offer a plethora of advantages to children. Rather than asking them to stop engaging in such activities, ask them to continue and improve their creative potential. A creative mind and an ability to imagine are considered as one the major abilities required for developing the greatest art forms. Whether it be short stories, English poem, paintings, plays, etc., the quality of the content presented is determined on the basis of the level of imagination that the creators possess. Let us take a look at the list of ideas on how to improve the imaginative skills and creativity of our little ones. 

How to Nurture the Imagination of Kids? 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Have you ever heard of these words before? These are the words told by the famous scientist Albert Einstein. The significance of imagination in the lives of children is beyond words. They help the growth of children in numerous ways. You might have noticed the inclusion of imaginary stories, poems, essays and other learning resources in kids’ early education. Why are they added? Is that to build their moral conduct? Do they provide any other advantages to children? Let’s take a closer look. 

Children can enjoy the benefit in a number of ways by engaging in learning stories, poems, essays, etc. Along with welcoming them to the world of fantasy and imagination, these resources provide an excellent opportunity to develop many crucial life skills. Activities and exercises that are used to improve the imaginative power of kids will also help them to be more creative, social and emotional. Since such activities offer numerous advantages to children, let us take a look at some of the easiest methods to improve their imaginative skills. 

  • Reading and narrating stories – Reading and narrating stories is considered one of the finest ways to boost the imagination. Stories offer a chance for children to conduct a visual journey by using their imagination. By developing a habit of reading, children can easily expand their knowledge. They favour developing new ideas in us and collecting information about various subjects. Have you ever wondered about the process of how reading helps us practise imagination? While reading, the words presented in the book describe certain images, and the reader visualises the pictures in mind. By performing this process, we are actually exercising our imagination. Regular practice of reading books will strengthen our minds. 
  • Imaginative plays – Ask your little ones to participate in imaginative plays. Imaginative plays, also called dramatic plays, as the name suggests, are plays without a series of proper rules or structures. Children engage in imaginative play and pretend as if something unusual is happening around them. In order to make their game more exciting, they mentally build more characters and events and eventually boost their imagination skills. 
  • Turn off the screen and go outside – Ask your children to reduce the use of tablets, computers and other electronic gadgets. Most busy parents have the temptation to rely on electronic devices to play the role of babysitter. But, before you make your move, think whether it is an exemplary one. It is certain that children can collect a lot of information and build their imagination by using these devices, but the inspiration offered by the outside world is far beyond. Let us encourage active pursuits and restrict passive activities like the usage of mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. in them. Let us help our little ones to be aware of the fact that nature expands imagination naturally. Visiting nature also helps to collect a wealth of social and emotional benefits. 

Rather than the above-listed methods, there are numerous other techniques that can be used to sharpen the imagination of children. Based on their creativity and ability, any of the strategies can be implemented. For more kid-friendly and entertaining learning resources, visit BYJU’S website. The engaging story for kids provided on the website can also be used to develop a creative mind in our little ones. 


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