Postscript Raised An Investment Of $35 Million To Provide Value-Based SMS Service To Shopify Stores


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Recently Postscript raised $35M funding for SMS service to Shopify stores which will enable the customer to connect and stay in touch with Shopify via SMS. The investment was led by 01 advisor, which focuses on building utility products for their customers as per postscript 35m series shopify decemberkumparaktechcrunch.

Graylock, a capital management and investment firm based in the United States; accomplice, a venture form and contemporary family office that invests in technology startups; elephant, a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in software, consumer internet, and mobile market-related technology; and open view, a venture capital firm based in Boston.

Furthermore, this funding round added value to customers of the company, namely Twilio Ventures, an investment company that invests in technology-related venture firms, and expanding capital, a California-based venture capital firm that focuses on investing.

The company’s vision is to provide services to its customers that enable them to stay in touch with the company and its investing companies. Through the investment raised, the company will aim to provide more enhanced and smooth two-way interaction between the user and the provider by way of SMS.

The company plans to develop SMS capabilities so that customers can do simple things like suggest drink products, manage subscriptions, and provide product reviews via SMS. 

Postscript, a company founded in 2019, is one of the best-in-class SMS marketing platforms that is used by millions of users. The company was founded by Alex Beller, who is a great person and one of the best business developers.

The company is a Los Angeles-based company that focuses on providing flexible, customizable direct-to-consumer SMS marketing tools. 

Alex Beller, the co-founder of Postscript, states that we are still exclusively focused on developing products that will enable us to grow more and more. We are putting a lot of effort into developing the data and ecosystem of our platform with the help of Shopify.

There are small challenges that we are facing, but we are overcoming these challenges and developing our platform to its fullest. 

Previously, in 2019, the company postscript successfully raised $4.5 million in investment and expanded its customer base and investor base.

Last year it accounted for 14 employees and approximately 350 customers, but eventually, after the funding, its employees increased by 45 and its customers increased to 3500. 

Shopify and PostScript have an exclusively compatible relationship with each other as they both support the growth of each other by mutually funding the needs and resources required.

Apart from this, both companies are going to build an amazing API that will allow the user to get deeper integration into support plugins. At present, both companies are working on this and the API so developed is used by Shopify’s merchants for now.


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