Indian Fintech Jar Has Raised $50 Million at a 350 Million Valuation


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Tiger Global has led a fresh round of funding for Jar, an Indian fintech firm that is assisting millions of Indians in saving tiny amounts to invest in virtual currency as the business prepares to introduce a number of new services like lending, insurance, and mutual funds.

Jar said that its Series B investment round brought in $22.6 million. The initial discussions of the round were previously covered by sources. The firm with its headquarters in Bengaluru has so far raised more than $58 million.

A large percentage of people in South Asia lack savings despite the fact that Indian banks have created a billion accounts for customers in that region. Many people are compelled to turn to friends, family, or shark lenders for financial assistance in the event of an unanticipated bill or emergency.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Jar Nishchay AG, confusion contributes to the fact that so many Indians never save or invest.

Should they invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, or other bank-sponsored schemes? As the environment around them is covered in advertisements, there are many options available, he added.

Jar is relieving the burden by providing a form of investment that Indians can understand: gold.

It would be an understatement to suggest that Indians, who possess a private stockpile of the precious metal valued at $1.5 trillion, are fascinated by it. Indians of all socioeconomic levels have historically opted to save some or all of their savings in the form of gold.

India is one of the world’s top importers of this precious metal due to the high demand for the metal there; in fact, Indians own more gold than inhabitants of any other country.

The ease with which Jar has made it possible for its users to save and invest is its additional value proposition.

According to Misbah Ashraf, co-founder of Jar, the startup offers users a variety of saving options on its self-titled app, including roundups, where the nearest round number following a transaction is automatically saved, as well as setting recurring savings amounts and carrying out one-time execution.

Since introducing the product a year ago, Jar has quickly garnered traction. According to the company, their app has over 9 million registered users and processes over 220,000 transactions daily. The business, which reports average monthly growth of 20%, said it spends less than $1.5 per user on user acquisition.

It’s called Jar’s app. The startup also enables users to send reminders and keep track of all the people they have lent money to.

“Jar’s savings app has fast achieved credibility and popularity with young income seeking to create a saving and investment strategy,” said Tiger Global Partner Alex Cook in a statement. “By beginning with digital gold, an asset type that is well-liked and understood in India.

They are enthusiastic to double down as the company enters new asset classes and are impressed by the company’s rapid expansion.

The firm, which has roughly 90 employees, is currently preparing to expand its product line. According to Nishchay, they are constructing the most pervasive and contextual platform to assist people in navigating financial possibilities without feeling overwhelmed.

He claims that Jar is creating and testing insurance, mutual funds, fixed deposits, peer-to-peer lending, and secured and unsecured lending. Additionally, it wants to hire 50 more people. According to him, the business intends to introduce these new goods during the next quarters.

Misbah, whose family’s financial struggles served as inspiration for Jar, thinks that Jar has been successful in encouraging people to develop the habit of funding savings.

These consumers, the majority of whom, according to him, reside in rural small towns and cities, “are now ready to investigate and evaluate other instrument options,” he said.

In the last ten years, a large number of banks, startups, and other organizations have flocked to India in an effort to capture what many consider to be the final major growth market.


By how much has Indian fintech Jar closed its financing round?

$32 million

Where is the headquarters of Jar located?


Who is the Co-founder of Jar?

Misbah Ashraf

How much has Jar’s Series B financing round raised?

$22.6 million

Who is the Managing Director of Arkam Ventures?

Rahul Chandra

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