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Jason McCabe Calacanis is an Internet businessman, angel investor, podcaster, and author is Jason Calacanis in real life.  

Recently, Jason, a famous angel investor as well as a former Uber Investor had gotten more than 30 emails and direct messages from people asking to accept his offer, disclosed by Jason to finance $500,000 to beginners companies and chose to share his pitch with his 301,000 Twitter followers.

Jason Calacanis’s Early Life  

Calacanis was born to Greek and Irish parents in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He has two brothers. He attended Fordham University and completed his bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Physical  Appearance Of Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis has a charming personality with a height of 1.63 m tall, to be precise. This individual weighs 70 kg. Jason has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 50 years of age. 

Professional Career Related To Jason Calacanis

After earning his degree, he started the publishing company Rising Tide Studios, which published both print and online periodicals. During the middle of the 1990s, he played a significant role in New York’s Silicon Alley and leveraged his skills in the media to produce the “Silicon Alley Reporter.”

It began as a 16-page newsletter but quickly expanded into a magazine with roughly 300 pages and a separate West Coast-focused issue. Someone once made a $20 million bid to purchase his newsletter.

In 2003, Calacanis founded Weblogs, Inc. with business partner Brian Alvey. America Online acquired the business two years later for an estimated $25–$30 million. Jason, who had previously sold Weblogs, now serves as general manager of Netscape, an early web browser. 

Prior to joining Sequoia Capital as the Entrepreneur In Action in 2006, he was employed by Netscape. After collecting $20 million to launch the search engine Mahalo.com, he left Sequoia in 2007. Unfortunately, a Google algorithm upgrade in 2011 completely destroyed Mahalo, and the business was shut down in 2014.

WeekIn.com, founded by Calacanis, was shut down in 2012 but is now operational and offers a weekly podcast.

Uber has been Jason’s most lucrative investment so far. When Uber was valued at $4 million in 2009, Jason had the chance to contribute $25,000 while working at Sequoia Capital. Jason’s shares were worth $124 million after Uber’s IPO in May 2019 if he had held onto his whole investment as he has indicated.

Calacanis made $1 billion worth in the meditation app Calm in 2018.

In 2017, Calacanis wrote a book called “Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups—Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000″.

Married Life Of Jason Calacanis

Not much is known about Jason’s married life as he usually does not come into the limelight with his family and wife and does not disclose enough information about his marriage. It could be guessed that Calacanis got married to Jade Li sometime in 2009. He has three kids.

Social Media and Recent News:

Jason has 36.9k Followers on Instagram. He was surprised when he had gotten more than 30 emails and direct messages from his followers to accept their plans to finance $500,000 offered by Jason to beginners companies and wanted to share his pitch with his 301,000 Twitter followers.   

Net Worth of Jason Calacanis

American businessman, angel investor, and author Jason Calacanis has $100 million dollars.


Where did Jason Calacanis get his start?

Jason Calacanis was born in Bay Ridge, New York, in the United States.

Does Jason Calacanis have a wife?

Yes,He has a wife.

What is Jason Calacanis’ height?

His height is 1.63 m.

What year was Jason Calacanis born?

Jason Mccabe Calacanis is fifty years of age.

How much money does Jason Calacanis make?

There is a $110 million net worth.

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