Fintech Contribution In Backing The SMEs At The Time Of Economic Crisis


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Economic crises have a direct and immediate effect on SMEs. They consequently hit the abilities of companies to pay creditors on a punctual time base that in turn increases the need of money in the business. As almost every next day, we go through the news of the harsh and crushing impacts that are having on businesses, soaring inflation rates, and rising energy costs are some of them. 

Some of the main reasons for today’s economic crises are the very scary crisis caused due to Covid 19, China’s trade war, and the Russian- Ukrainian conflicts.

Still, there are entrepreneurs, who are optimists of extreme levels. They see opportunities to grow and expand their business even at the time of high economic crisis and remain ambitious about the future.

They continue to relentlessly work to scale their business and find new markets with the mission to make their notable mark in the business market, globally. This tenacity and persistence is what we needed at that torment time of crisis, as it leads to a positive mindset which is good for the economy and society both. 

A business that is internationally minded should have to turn for help at the tough times but usually, the best means of support doesn’t come from the expected place.

Many firms turn their way to the government, credit unions, and banks to get financial support, but the covid era has made it clear that neither these traditional institutions like any government or credit unions nor the banks would really help the SMEs.

Then there comes the alternative option, which is trending in this post-Covid 19 era, the financing companies. They have proven themselves as angels during those exhausting cruising days and are still maintaining their momentum in serving the SMEs for their augmentation, amplification, and escalation from the tough bustling days.   

The Superiority Of Fintechs Over Banks And Several Credit Unions

There are many aspects that put fintech above the banks and other helping hands, in aiding the submerging businesses and letting them bloom again. So here are some of the following focal points that signify the superiority of Fintechs- 

  • The capability of fintech to offer tailored support to suit the capital demands of every single company.
  • They work so effectually and rapidly. 
  • They have that zeal, legality, and most importantly, a genuine desire to help them with their technology. 
  • They are tremendously focused on supporting SMEs. 
  • They are flexible to deal with different requirements of businesses. 

But it is very evident that in times of crisis, small loans and crowdfunding aren’t enough to keep the momentum of SMEs in the business world. Especially those startups that are willing to scale up sufferers more.

We sometimes forget that some companies are growing even at the point of economic crisis and they want help to navigate through the challenges that come along with the crisis like upfront payments and late invoice payments to meet the trade. 

This exposes us to the need and importance of invoice financing during the post covid and post-Brexit world. 

Invoice Financing

This is the simplest and best route, from which businesses can secure the invoice of immediate payments which comes under the benefit of getting reinvested as quickly as possible.

The advancement of financing from invoices makes businesses be able to improve their cash flow as the money is typically available almost 24hrs after acceptance. 

In invoice financing, they have the choice to pick how many and which invoices they want to fund, which also gives them access to funds whenever they need it. 

For a growing business, speed and simplicity are not the only key features that change the game, great ideas also matter. 


Fintechs are the angles for SMEs, in a time of crucial economic crisis. At the times, when the banks, government, and union credits all take their hand back from helping them out, Fintechs give them the required support and endorsement. 


What do you mean by SME?

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Is fintech helpful for SMEs in times of economic crisis?


How Fintechs Help SMEs?

They offer tailored support to suit the capital demands of every single company under them.

Give some advantages of Fintech support to SMEs.

They are tremendously focused on supporting SMEs. They have that zeal, legality, and most importantly, a genuine desire to help them with their technology.

Which support do Fintechs give to SMEs?

Financial solutions.

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