Advantages of Personalised Stubby Holders


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The seasons keep changing, but your need to have a nice party or event continues. And the most common member of any event drinks. They can be canned beverages, bottled ones, or served in a cup, but they are always better when served chilled. Most events go on for long hours, and carrying chilled beer in your hands can get a little uncomfortable and increase the access of heat to the can or bottle, making the beer warm. 

The easiest solution to this is handing out stubby holders. Stubby holders work in such a way that slows the transfer process between the air and the bottle, which keeps the bottle chilled for a more extended period. Not just for the can or the bottle but also protects your hands from the ice-cold temperature of the bottle. The insulated foam in the stubby acts as a layer that stores the air and reduces the speed at which the bottle would generally warm up. Stubby holders are a great item at corporate or other business events. You can also make an extra effort to do custom stubby holders at such parties. There are various benefits of adding a personalised stubby holder to your event, some of which are listed below- 


Unlike any other personalised item, a stubby holder adds more value to your brand. A stubby holder was invented because having an ice-cold hand at events and during handshakes did not benefit their impression. Creating a stubby holder makes your impression much smoother and helps the client believe that they value their employees and clients. And stubby holders work for any season; for example, during summer, they can hold a chilled beer, and during the Christmas season, you get to hold hot chocolate; you don’t need to invest in something else for every season. 

Brand Awareness- 

If you are at an event where networking is vital, handing out your company’s stubby holders is a great way to begin a conversation. These business meetings are essential to growing your business and your database. It helps you work with a larger audience. So having a personalised item can create more brand awareness and add more value to your brand. These points are critical factors for other business owners to do business with you. 


When you use a personalised item with great functionality, you can use it any season, hot or cold, and it would provide its benefits. Apart from that, it also doesn’t restrict itself to a specific type of bottle or can. You can work with standard red party cups, glasses, bottles, cans, etc. As it is a product or item that can be frequently used, this helps keep a long-lasting impression as the frequency of using the personalised stubby holder increases. 

Team Spirit- 

Merch or official customised stubby holders are something that improves team spirit. The employees feel more valued and can relate to the place better. Study shows that gifting company merch to staff members has led to positive changes within the organisation as the organisation feels like a whole and is working towards the same purpose as the stubby holders bring in unanimity. 

Final Thoughts- 

Including custom stubby holders in a corporate event can result in positive changes for the staff and other contacts. Stubby holders are also inexpensive, which helps you save money and effort that could be used elsewhere. 


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