4 Home care services for the aged people


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Sydney is a famous city in Australia with a rich history. This multicultural city attracts tourists from all over the world. Around 3.1 million Australians are above 70 years. Most of them wish to live in their homes, but many families cannot cater to the requirements of the older people in the family. Old age is inevitable, and aged people face many challenges every day. Their life depends on physical, emotional, mental and financial factors. Home care services in Sydney make life easier for the elders. When the physical health of aged people is affected, they start depending more on others. They require regular medical care, and some need help with their daily activities.

The needs of people differ, and home care services are offered at various levels to suit people’s needs. The Australian government funds the packages in part or full to allow people to live in the comfort of their homes.

Level 1 or Basic level care: Basic level care offers people help to do the basic tasks they need to do every day. These tasks include personal care, domestic assistance, meal preparation, transport, shopping and social support.

Level 2 or Low-level care: This package is for people with low-level care needs. It includes all services in the basic level care and provides additional help like nursing care, basic home and garden maintenance and using basic care equipment. 

Level 3 or Intermediate-level care: The package enables people to receive assistance for their intermediate-level care needs. It includes the basic tasks and several others like nursing support, medication management, assistance with appliances, allied health support and household assistance. This service is helpful to those recovering from surgery who need assistance within their homes.

Level 4 or high-level care: This home care package is for a loved one with complex care needs. They need assistance for many things like medication management, domestic assistance, allied health support, nursing care and support with changes to memory and behaviour. People who receive Level 4 care packages can avail of residential care services.

Benefits of availing of home care packages


The best benefit of home care services is independence. It allows people to continue living in their houses with some support from the care providers. Senior people get personalised care and assistance to complete daily chores efficiently. It prevents the need to relocate to a residential care centre.

Improved health

Home care improves an older person’s health and well-being. The caregivers provide several services like podiatry, physiotherapy, personal care and even minor home repairs. They help during the postoperative period by dressing wounds and ensuring people take medications at the right time.

Safe environment 

Aging people feel safe and secure in their houses, and home care services enable them to live the way they want. Chances of safety hazards and potential risks exist in any place, and caregivers do regular safety checks to ensure that older people do not encounter such risks.

Peace of mind

The support provided by the home care services in Sydney gives assurance and relief to aged people and their families. Family members communicate with caregivers directly and get updates about their loved ones. They do not feel guilty about leaving the senior people unattended at home. The caregiver provides companionship when family members are away.

Home care services help older adults to relax in their homes and not feel lonely. They assist them with their daily chores and ensure they remain healthy. It relieves the family members and enables them to do their work without unnecessary worries about their loved ones.


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