Amplience Raises $100 Million Funding To Improve Quality of Its MACH E-Commerce Platform


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Amplience is one of the leading companies which are known for its best platform ever in the fields of business-to-commerce and business-to-business services.

Amplience announced that it has raised $100 million in series D funding led by Farview Stocks Partners, a top global investment company.

With this round, Amplience has acquired $180 million in capital overall. The fundraising round also included participation from current investor Octopus Ventures as per amplience-100m-preimesbergerventurebeat.

The Amplience platform is based on the cloud and is a developer-powered platform, or we can say a developer-powered business that is entirely built on MACH architecture. It delivers a force multiplier in terms of the speed provided by it, the agility that it contains, and scalability for creating digital experiences that you will find nowhere else said the company. 

Amplience: An Overview

Amplience, founded in 2008, is basically an E-Commerce platform, which is a content management platform for enterprise retail that always introduced itself as a developer-powered and business-enabled company.

According to Gartner Peer Insights, it is a company that competes against its competitors, namely Adobe Systems, Contentstag, Bloomreach, Contentful, and Progress Sitefinity, by developing its products more and more efficiently. It is one of the platforms that has been reviewed by professionals and received a four-star rating out of five stars.

The platform’s architecture is derived from the cooperative MACH alliance, which basically represents and propagates an open and best-in-class enterprise technology ecosystem. This ecosystem technology is unique in itself, which always aims at making the difficult task simpler.

On the other hand, it is totally based on microservices, API first, cloud-native, software as a service, and headless, which supports the entire system. This all basically supports the MACH acronym. This technology works very smoothly and delivers the best results. Its work is quite simple. 

Amplience founder and CEO James Brooke say that “there is a rapidly growing competition and challenge between digital leaders who have invested heavily in building their own customer and commerce experience infrastructure, but apart from that, so much hard work and effort still relies on legacy content management and e-commerce systems to support their platform as well as products.”

Amplience tries to bridge the gap between these companies and their customers by providing a modern commerce experience through the use of the best technology-driven MACH and composable capabilities.

Not only this, but Amplience also tries to use these funds to accelerate its implementation of modern commerce experiences without sacrificing either business usability or developer productivity. 

He further says that the company always tries its best and is very passionate about supporting the customer. We always aim at providing customers with the best transition to a micro-services-based API, the first cloud-native and headless commerce experience architecture for smooth working and functioning. We are also planning to invest funds to look ahead to doubling down on product investment to support the services on a larger scale. 

What is the MACH Ecosystem?

In simple words, MACH is an ecosystem that is totally agile, nimble, and always up-to-date. The use of MACH technology always states that the enterprise suits that are available in other companies are no longer the best choice to run E-Commerce apps as they fail to fulfill the criteria and demands of the modern technological world. They also admitted that the MACH ecosystem is the best technology drive to be used as it is faster and more updated.

The Greater The Digital Experience, The Greater The Success.

Research director Marci Maddox explains that “if we see and analyze carefully in terms of the digital experience that exists in the entire world, then there exists a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and great outcomes.”

Approximately 85% of the organization believes that to improve or enhance customer satisfaction, there should be an improvement in the behavior or efficiency of the employees first. The more the employees are efficient, the more the customers will be satisfied.

However, it is seen that only 40% of the companies took it seriously. It is not only a theory but an essential element that every digital leader should adopt if they want to empower development and business. We applied this theory in our organization. Our employees are efficient in their respective areas, and that is the reason our customers have increased year over year. 

Final thoughts 

Amplience is one of the finest companies that has seen various ups and downs in its journey to success, but it is still standing on its feet and moving ahead toward more success. The company not only makes successful in terms of monetary and financial asset increments in the company but also raises the lifestyle of its customers by delivering them more efficient utilities.  


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