Pikashow Apk- How To Download App & Its Features


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Pikashow apk is one of the most famous apps for viewing the latest movies, live streams of cricket matches, web series, live TV dramas, and many more entertaining things. It is a free Android software used especially for entertainment purposes.

One can entertain himself by just staying at home and watching every kind of entertaining content on this amazing app.

So let’s know more about this free video-downloading app:

Pikashow Apk_Download

Pikashow apk is the free android app used to watch live streams, the latest and newest Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV dramas, and much other entertaining stuff, earliest from any other online source. 

This app is not available on the play store. But it is easily available on the pikashow’s official website.  Always remember to download it only from the official site because there are lots of fake links present on the internet under the name of pikashow app. They can harm your device.

It is the substitute for the famous software, Thoptv. 

It contains a lot of content to watch but it is mainly popular with Indian fans and this is because of its high quantity of Bollywood movies, tv shows, and web series.

Let’s Know Some Characteristics Of Pikashow Apk

So let’s discover some features of this enjoyable android software: 

  1. This app is totally free and does not demand any subscription or money at any stage of its use. Isn’t it great? Every user wants this feature in their entertainment field and finally, you can get that on this app. 
  2. It does not need to attain any privileged control or simply we can say that it does not need any root access. 
  3. Pikashow is the best alternative for hotstar and thoptv. And the good news is that you don’t need to give any money to enjoy it.
  4. This app carries almost every Bollywood’s latest released movie. It will be available on the very next day of the movie’s release. What would be better than this? 
  5. Other than Bollywood, you can also watch Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Punjabi movies, and Kannada movies as well. The list is so very big. 
  6. The cherry on the cake is here to come, “ you can even add English subtitles to every movie you like to watch”. What else one can need? 
  7. You can even watch India’s most famous reality show Bigg Boss, which is also available for 24hrs live streams. 
  8. The most excellent advantage of the pikashow apk is that you can download your favorite movie or anything you want to watch and watch it later whenever you want. 
  9. You can also share these videos with your family and friends as well and make them feel pleasant as well. 
  10. Overall the quality of pikashow’s videos is the best but when it comes to the latest videos of either the movie or any show, then sometimes you have to compromise with the quality. 

How To Download The Pikashow Apk?

  • Pikashow App is not available on the google play store. You have to find it on the pikshow’s official website. It can be easily downloadable from the link present there. 
  • Just click on the link. Then it will ask you to make a setting to download an app other than the google play store. 
  • When you finish that setting, the app starts to download and it will take just a few seconds to have it on your device. Then you can enjoy it. 

Is It Fine To Download And Use The Pikashow Apk Downloader?

  • The Pikashow app is present on the third-party website and downloadable from there only. And since it is not available on the google play store which is a reliable source of downloading apps for androids. Now, we can simply conclude that it is not safe to download this app. 
  • It can harm your device and can even purloin your information from the device in which it was downloaded. 
  • And one more important point that every user has to be familiar with is that- pikashow apk is completely illegal, as it provides its users with all the newly released movies on the same or on the very next day, which is totally against the rules. 

So before downloading this app, be very careful and beware of your security aspects as well.  

A Final Touch-Up 

Pikashow apk, despite being an amazing app, has its imperfections. If we ignore its flaws then it is just truly flawless and entertains us in a way like no other app can. It is the simplest, easiest, and cashless way to watch our favorite movies, tv shows, web series, live streams, etc. 

In this article, you have concluded all important aspects of Pikashow Apk Downloader.


What is a pikashow apk downloader?

It is an android app used to watch online movies, dramas, series, live streams, etc.

Is this app free to use?

Yes, it is totally free of cost. 

Is it safe to download and use this app?

No, this app is not safe. It is a third-party website downloadable app and not present on the play store. So it is nontrustable.

Where can we download this app? 

It is available on the official website of the pikashow apk.

Can we see Hollywood newly released movies on this app?

Yes, you can.

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